Capacitive turn and push system © Raphaël Vivier Capacitive slider © Raphaël Vivier Railway system norm Capacitive touchscreen © Raphaël Vivier

The capacitive technology is now widely used in all electronic devices. Arc en Ciel Sérigraphie uses the projected capacitive technology to ensure the functioning of the keyboards and touchscreens. We have been offering these capacitive products suitable to your requirements since 2007. Our experience has been enriched by many achievements in various industrial sectors.



Technical benefits of the projected capacitive technique:

  • Stain, liquid and chemical resistance (works with gloves)
  • Very long life time (no moving components)
  • Perfect sealing of the keyboard (IP69)
  • Wide temperature range
  • Shock and vibration resistance ( can be used as a mobile device)
  • Suited to medical and agro-alimentary application




Capacitive touch keyboard:

  • Production of tempered-glass overlays
  • Possibility of backlight
  • Possibility of turn and push system and slider
  • Possibility to associate the resistive and capacitive technologies on the same keyboard



Capacitive touchscreen (multi touch):

After having mastered the projected capacitive technology and with a good experience of the optical bonding, Arc en Ciel Sérigraphie has naturally developed the multi touch capacitive touchscreens.


Glass keyboard with backlightPC glass keyboard with backlightCapacitive glass keayboard for railway system